Video Oregon creates and edits
Video Production, Wedding Videos,
Documentary Videos, Music Videos,
Special Event Videos,
Such as: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Memorial Videos,
Celebration of Life Presentations and more.

We are probably more reasonably priced than
most wedding photographers.
We also use multiple synced cameras.

We also do Real Estate Videos
They are walk around videos of the inside of the house.
Not just pictures of the inside of the house
We can do a fly over of the property when necessary.

You can see some of the things we
have created, on our own
Video Oregon's Video Web Portal

We also fix computers,
Both Windwoes and Macintosh computer consulting
We remove viruses, backup
Operating System and Backup Your files.

We do networking as well

Help you organize your computer(s)

We can also resurrect dead hard drives that
contain valuable documents,  pictures
or video information on them.

(providing they are not clicking)

If your drive is beginning to click.
You need to backup it up immediately
(do not wait until it is completely DEAD
Most people think it is the fan or the
DVD player that is clicking.

Occasionally information can be saved from clicking drives.

It just depends


lane Media information site

For more information  on what we do and create
emails us at the below link.

(due to Internet Robots,
we prefer that you call us if you need help
with something.
The majority of our projects are created
in less than one week.

I only work  from word of mouth contacts.

We have created over
450 Celebration of Life Memorial videos.

Phone: (541) • 767-8922
Call us and I will give you my personal
CELL  PHONE  number
But not until I know you you are.

This above  number is a magic jack phone.
When you leave a message,
Your message will be emailed to us.
Within a few minutes,
We check our email consistently
Your phone number will be
listed in the email. 
Thank You

We have disabled all of our links
Please go to

To see our Video Web Portal

This is my own  youtube video site
For More Visual information on what we do.

This website is fairly new and we are adding
Both new stuff and old things to it every day.

Mostly it is run and gun video with very little planning,
for a very reasonable price.

We havevery nice cameras and computer equipment,
and several people to assist us when needed.

Video-Oregon - Video Production

Contact Us:

      David Raymond
      (541) 767-8922

      If you wish to reach Tom.
       Please leave us a message and we will contact him for you.

      Nathan Beyerlin

      If you wish to reach Nathan.
     Please leave us a message and we will contact him for you.